Bedford Slims – Vapor Rises from Brooklyn

Inspired by a stroll down Bedford Avenue comes the creation of a product that supports the thought “quitters can win.” Bedford Slims, an electronic cigarette company based in Brooklyn, is hoping to jump-start what seems to be only a budding revolution: quitting tar cigarettes by replacing the toxins and the dangerous risks with an oral fix that is not only vapor-based, but outwardly fashion-forward as well.

A vapourette is defined as a rechargeable, portable vaporizer that mimics the cigarette smoking experience. What makes the vapourette as viable as a cigarette replacement is a concoction of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, water, flavors, and nicotine. While physically mimicking the action of smoking, one can enjoy the sensation Bedford Slims provides by receiving a small dose of nicotine, through technology involving a battery, a microprocessor and a cartridge. It may sound complex, but with one $2.60 cartridge equaling approximately a pack and a half of cigarettes, it is a sensible solution for the stubborn smoker.

There have been different perceptions associated with smoking cigarettes for as long consumers can remember. Originally, smoking a cigarette was classy, sexy, and demure. In recent times, not only have smoking advertisements been banned, but the act of smoking is now looked down upon by a vast number of people in society. For the smoker crowd though, the “cool” factor of holding a cigarette subconsciously still reigns. The image versus the addiction; what is more at stake for the common cigarette smoker? Bedford Slims has tackled this challenge loss of image with the gain of a chic, on-trend device, available in a Black Tartan style (similar to an argyle print) or Stainless Steel. In the future, the company plans to collaborate with New York-based designers Aimee Wilder and Joshua Williams (a.k.a. Technodrome 1) to offer a diverse product in this niche market.

Bedford Slims acknowledges the many difficulties in quitting an addiction and has successfully created not only an aid, but aspires to be the catalyst for an up-to-date lifestyle for the tech-savvy quitter. The objective behind the company is to promote quitting cigarettes, but not in such a cutthroat or cold-turkey manner. Jesse Gaddis, the mastermind behind the company, is fueled by passion and by the results of his product. He says, “Knowing my product works and is helping people live and breathe again – that’s the real ROI.”

Bedford Slims, Brooklyn’s Vapourette Company, is accessible on all social media; retails in establishments in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn; and can be purchased on line. Flavors offered include Tobacco, Menthol, and Dark Roast.

BY Lizz DeFeo


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